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Inspired by the Work at Home Lifestyle


Hello Empowered Women!

By this I mean you and me! I know what it is like to be empowered, and my goal is to project onto you, that feeling, that power, by taking you along on my journey as a Midwest Fashion Designer and Musician. All women have this power. We just need to tap into it. I believe this, and I live this. I am excited to be writing this blog as a way to share the how and why I do what I do.

I have owned and operated my apparel business from home by choice for over 25 years. Granted, my home is unusual (a 98-year-old Masonic Temple in St Paul, Minnesota More on that later…). I have always loved and appreciated my work-at-home lifestyle. Even before I started designing my own brand (when I was helping other companies get their clothing lines off the ground), I created my own personal wardrobe: the perfect yoga pants, leggings and tops for ultimate comfort that transitioned well and looked great when I needed to run out to the store, take the kids to a class, or visit friends. This was the beginning of the Laura Hlavac brand. When I thought of creating my own brand, I wondered why in the world I would consider designing clothing for a world with a glut of clothing already? Could I bring something new to the market?  I decided to test the idea, and it worked. I have something unique that women need and cannot find elsewhere. And, when women wear clothing that fits them well, flatters their figures, and feels great, it gives them confidence; and when women are confident, they can accomplish anything!

So, the core of my line is custom made, high quality, comfortable and stretchy fabrics. Then I make them beautiful with stitching embellishment. I have been a seamstress since childhood. My sewing machines are my toys, and I love to play. My signature DNA stitching can be found cascading down the front or the sleeves of my tops and dresses, as well as down the side of my leggings.

There is no greater satisfaction in life than to find your purpose and to do what you love. I have found that through fashion and music. I hope this blog brings inspiration to you.  Please send me your thoughts and comments!

Laura Hlavac
Owner, Laura Hlavac International Inc


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  • I bought a yoga outfit and was looking for a medium shirt in the same style but can’t find one on any of your sites that match it. If I take a picture of it do you think maybe you can find a medium for me?
    I love your products so far even if this is the first one I have purchased. They are so comfortable


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