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My story



Seamstress, fashion designer, singer-songwriter, athlete, and mother are just a few words that describe Laura Hlavac (Pronounced “Luh - vawk”).

Laura grew up in Stillwater, Minnesota where a curiosity for her mother’s sewing machine led to her passion for fashion design. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design from the University of Minnesota, she founded Imago Ltd., an apparel design, development, sourcing, and manufacturing company. She developed clothing lines for Nordic Track and Rollerblade and also created private branded apparel and accessories for companies such as Kawasaki America, Dayton Hudson and Aveda.

In 2013, after helping other companies build their brands, Laura decided to create her own line of women’s knitwear. Her vision was an athleisure line for women that bridged activewear and fashion. She has since sold to over 500 boutiques nationwide and continues to bring fresh technical innovation to the marketplace.

Laura’s high-spirited energy and limitless creativity drive her mission to empower women to be their best selves. She believes that when women wear clothing that fits perfectly, flatters their body, and feels amazing - they can do anything!

Today, Laura continues to design garments from her sewing machine in St. Paul Minnesota. When she’s not creating, you can find her rocking out on stage, co-piloting an airplane, or spending time with her family. Laura is living proof that the sky is the limit, and she envisions a world where all women are empowered to live their dream.

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