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Caring for your LH Designs


Easy-Care Fabrics

You love Laura Hlavac Designs - and it's no wonder! Not only are Laura's designs The Most Comfortable Clothes on the Planet, easy to wear, and fresh (even if it's one of her marvelous creations from 20 years ago as depicted!), but they also wash up marvelously! If you follow a couple of simple guidelines, you, too, can keep your favorite LH items for years to come!

Fabric Care Guidelines:

Laura says that heat is the enemy of fabric. The best way to preserve the life of your LH styles (and indeed, all of your fabrics) is to reduce the amount of heat you expose them to. That means washing on cold or warm and air drying when possible. I lay out all of my clothes on the bed with a ceiling fan on high to dry them by the end of the day. Living in Arizona helps this process, so if you're in Minnesota or another more humid climate, utilize a drying rack or clothes line or out-of-the-way area to lay them flat. Sleeveless items can be hung on a hanger to dry.

If you own one of Laura's styles with her famous DNA stitch, be sure to turn them inside out to reduce the chance of the stitch snagging on something. Zipping up all zippers also helps to minimize any possible damage in the wash.

Honestly, that's about it! Give a little attention to the care of your clothes and enjoy your Laura Hlavac Designs for many seasons!

Fun Fact: all of Laura's polyester fabrics are made from recycled polyester.

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