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Who ever says, “I LOVE WINTER”? ME!!

There are so many reasons why I love winter, but one is the luxury (yes, I mean luxury) of skating on any one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes (11,842 actually...). If you have never had the opportunity to experience even standing in the middle of a frozen lake, I cannot adequately describe the magical feeling. I have watched the gleeful outburst from people who experienced it for the very first time. Sometimes you can see down several feet in depth of the giant ice cube.  I love skating because I feel it is the closest a human being can get to the feeling of a bird in flight.  So, with skates in hand, here I go!

I didn’t set out to design the best legging of all time for skating, but that’s exactly what happened. As I was preparing to get out on frozen Como Lake in St. Paul last weekend, I began my layering routine.  The temperature was around freezing, so not cold enough for my insulated ski pants.  I layered a pair of my recently perfected leggings (which I sometimes call “sweggings” because they look like a legging but feel like a sweat pant) on top of a Laura Hlavac denim legging which is smooth enough to allow the swegging to glide over it with ease.  There is a reason why I call my swegging the most comfortable legging on the planet.  This fabric has an amazing range of gentle stretch while retaining its shape more than any other legging out there. The sweggings are reasonably priced, they wash up great, don’t pill, and they last for years.  

As I arrived at the lake, I felt I was back in time as I watched my neighbors enjoy the icy wonderland sprinkled with ice fishermen, families and groups of guys playing “pick up” hockey games, and I knew that in previous winters, the lake may not have been so lively. With the historic 100+ year old Como Pavillion/Boat House in the backround, it felt so great to see people connect with each other by experiencing these simple joys in life found only outdoors.

The sweggings I wore featured my signature DNA stitching.  Resembling expensive embroidery from hip to ankle, my sweggings look sporty and sophisticated. I must admit it was fun feeling like I may be the best dressed woman on the lake, certainly the most comfy.

Then I came up with this idea. During the month of February, if you or that friend of yours who is obsessed with making TikTok videos, is interested in making a short video (3-10 seconds) of you having fun outside while wearing Laura Hlavac Clothing, please share them with me (tag me on FB or Instagram), and I will send you a 20% off discount code to be used at  So, get yourself outside, and lets see what you come up with!

I love hearing from you so feel free to send me your suggestions, comments, or questions.  

~Laura Hlavac

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