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My Signature DNA Story


My Signature DNA stitching that embellishes many of my designs represents my personal story.  It was born from a desire to create a future that would allow me the opportunity to continue to work for myself doing what I loved, which was designing and creating comfortable and beautiful clothing for women.  It came during a crossroads of my life when through no fault of my own, my then current business crashed.  At that time, I was in the business of helping other companies design, develop and manufacture clothing lines under their label.  I had tried to build that business back up, but the economy was also crashing at that time in the early 2000’s.  As a single mother of three, I needed more stability, so I considered doing something that most people would think even more risky: create my own brand.  I had to try and save my business somehow.  I believed that I could, and I was ready to try. 

 I knew I had to make up for my limited resources with creativity and my sewing skill.  I started sewing at age twelve, and it became my passion.  The advantage of understanding sewing and construction offers one the ability to push the limits of creative possibilities and connects the designer to the garment. I design right from the sewing machine.  They are my toys and I love to play! And since I knew that I couldn’t afford the expensive print fabrics that drive the women’s wear industry, I got to work playing with stitching effects, with the goal of creating a unique embellishment on top of the most comfortable solid knit fabric that I could find.

 And one magical day, I was playing around with one of my industrial double needle machines, in a manner for which it was not intended, and I created the DNA pattern (so named because of its similarity to the DNA molecule).  To this day, it looks like nothing else on the market.  It gracefully cascades down my hoodies, leggings and dresses, adding a simple yet uniquely sporty embroidery detail.  I started working with variations in color and variegated thread, and the DNA evolved into my signature look for which I am now known.  

My DNA stitch tells the story of how women can look at a dismal situation, dig deep into their powerful passionate self, and stay true to themselves  and what brings them inspiration and joy.  The result is a vibrant expression of their inner beauty that allows them to rise above the obstacles and find the peace and fulfilment of an empowered life.

In science, the DNA represents the fundamental and distinctive characteristics of life.  At Laura Hlavac Designs, the empowerment of women is in our DNA.  I hope our DNA inspires you.  



  • I love the DNA design! First got a sweatshirt a couple of years ago – in a size Large that was too big but I just wanted it. And just recently got the funnel neck with tunic with pocket in a Small! And that led me to searching where else I could find your brand and hence your web-site…and your story! Now I like it even more! I love a story and a meaning. Glad you shared it with the rest of us.

  • I love this story, Laura. Your heart and spirit are so present within your clothing!

  • Inspiring story, Laura! I always receive compliments when I wear Laura Hlavac Designs – and proud to tell them that my good friend designed them!


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