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"I work in them, work out in them, throw on some heels and accessories, and go out in them. Your clothing is the ultimate easy transitional wardrobe."  Adrianne, Charlotte NC

"The LH Hoodie is my wardrobe staple. I literally wear it everywhere."  Alyssa, Seattle WA

"It's not whether or not to wear a hoodie, it's which hoodie to wear!' Emma, Portland OR

"This Midwest designer is killing it!"  Sophia  Pasadena CA

"I don't buy anything anymore that isn't comfy enough to sleep in.  LH brand knocks it out of the park".  Sophie, Fort Collins, CO

“When I put your clothing on, I get instant confidence”  Annette, Rochester, MN

 “I love your designs, lines, flow, authenticity...feels so natural on my body. Whenever I fly through MSP airport...I head to Concourse G/F, where Uptown awaits me! Glad I kept the tag this time to catch your website. Looking forward to more purchases after we move into our new home.  Thank you for your 'sexy' and real deal clothes.”
Jane, Iowa City ;-) 

“:-) P.S. I love my cowl neck hoodie - lots of compliments wherever I wear it...especially from my fiance'. Thank you again for your 'art of fitness and fabric'. ;-)" 

“Absolutely kind, creative, she really impressed me. More than dresses, leggings, skirts, tops even headband, holy smokes!”  Katie,  Minneapolis, MN